See the journey – building 3fD’s new Studio and all the complications that came with it!

Press play and watch the Chapel come to life.

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3fD’s Design Studio

 58 London Street, Whitchurch, Hampshire RG28 7LN

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  1. Liz Le sueur says:

    Fabulous! and what talent. Liz

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  2. Matt says:

    The building is starting to look great, and it’s brilliant to have London Street starting to look a little prettier in places! Good luck with the continued success this investment will no doubt catalyse…..environment is critical.

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  3. Thank you Matt, We are certainly very proud of it! Not too much longer now and we get to move in, very excited! 🙂


  4. kookykrys says:

    Looks like a fabulous project! When my husband and I lived overseas, we used to watch the BBC show Grand Designs quite often. Your project reminds me of those we saw on the show. Thanks, too, for following our renovation blog!

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    1. Hi Kookykrys, thank you so much! That certainly means a lot as Grand Designs is one of our favourite shows:) Lots more exciting things happening in the future so make sure you keep an eye out! We love following other renovation blogs as it inspires us, we hope we can inspire you too – 3fD


  5. Liz Jones says:

    So pleased to see something being done with this lovely old chapel. Would love to come and have a look round when it’s finished. I live just up the road so have been watching with great interest! Liz


    1. Hi Liz! It certainly is a lovely old Chapel! You will have to come over and have a tour when we have finished the build. We are so grateful for all the support the local community has given us, you have all been very welcoming 🙂 – 3fD


  6. Jurgen Ciolek says:

    Great to see something great being done with the Chapel. As a former Estate Agent in the town, I remember selling this to a young lady back around 1995ish who turned it into an antique shop.
    I haven’t been back down in many years, but wish you all the best with your project.


  7. Stu says:

    Looks awesome guys, genuinely excited to see if finished and open for business.
    Can us mere mortals have a sneak peak inside once it is? I’ll bring biscuits 🙂


  8. Hannah Hunt says:

    Oooooooow. Very splendid. Us locals look forward to an open day. Well done indeed.


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