Planning Approved

Built in 1902, The Chapel was owned by the Methodists until the 1960’s.

At that time it was sold to Turnbull and Asser, a gentleman’s bespoke shirt-maker and clothier on Jermyn Street in London, and became their factory.

Turnbull and Asser stayed for almost 30 years, finally selling The Factory (as it was known) and leaving Whitchurch in 1994.  TurnBull and Asser went on to carry the Royal Warrant and become a house-hold name (James Bond wears T&A shirts!).

Sitting in a conservation area, The Chapel was highlighted as a notable building by locals and became protected under this listing.  As the years went by, people tried to develop it but planning was always denied.

Until now.

Designed and developed at 3fD, and working with the planning office directly, we have Full Planning Approval for the “conversion of the chapel 58 London Street to a Design Studio”