The back wall was taken down in January – before it fell down and we are now ready to rebuild. For the first time we have building materials on site, rather than the constant removal of rubbish to date.

With scaffolding up for the roofers, this is the first time that the team has seen the Chapel from the same viewpoint as they will have when the design studio is complete. The floor is higher than it will be – we won’t be ducking under the braces – but we can see the view. A pretty special moment for us.

The roof detail is proving tricky. Its all in the detail and holding together all the different craftsmen. Each trade champions their own patch. Bringing all their requirements back to the design, satisfying our own need for good design….


Always keen to retain the herringbone effect slats, even though this would add cost. We knew we would have to remove slats to repair roof, and then reassemble roof. We knew there were a few rotton ones, but time has passed and a huge proportion are rotten. So now we have a mix of old and new.

Wood stain- wrong !

Now we have to paint