November – The first spade in the ground

Finally work is under way and we can see this old, tired derelict building transform into a living project. Once the outside has been cleared, we can erect our safety fencing to keep the Whitchurch residents safe whilst we carry out the renovations.


chapel at nightThe site cleared, inside and out. Skip after skip is filled, removed and replaced as enormous amounts of rubbish is removed.  20151113_151231

The first task is to remove the old roof and make watertight. Scaffolding has gone up and we can finally see the Chapel close up.stained glass windows


With inside cleared we can remove the old rotten floors…inside

…reveal the extent of the wet inside. The ground can only be described as ‘pudding’. As soon as we dug a hole, it filled with water. Not ideal, but not impossible to work with.

water hole