December progress

Clearing the site has revealed the Chapel for the first time.

The front roof slates have been removed an a tarpaulin is now keeping the front section relatively water tight.

Turning our attention to the rear workshop, we notice with horror that the rear wall is badly compromised. It has been pushed over centre by the roof. Years of overloading the loft has over-stressed the wall. We hadn’t planned to have to remove and rebuild the wall, and its a real concern that the footing may well be damaged too. We will need to remove the rear wall until the wall is vertical, all the way if necessary.

But first we need to remove the roof – which we can’t do until we have shored up the rear wall with more scaffolding.

Scaffolding now securing the wall, the roof can come off.

Christmas is approaching and traditionally businesses in Whitchurch put up a Christmas trees outside.  Seemed like a great idea, and a good excuse to end up in the Red House afterwards.