Planning Approved part 2…

We were so excited to receive our first planning approved document for our Chapel, which we received back in September 2014…… naturally, we didn’t expect to receive a 2nd one..

Unfortunately, our planning application had one very specific condition, the garage door opening had to be a whopping 5.4 meters wide. Why? to fit 2 cars side by side. Not a huge concern for us….


5.4m is a bit over the top considering the official Planning Parking Standards guide is 4.8 meters.

We are happy to fit 2 cars side by side, but when we measured the distance between the walls we found that the maximum possible width of the opening is 4.9m wide. There is no more space between the walls.

We had long discussions with Highways explaining that there just wasn’t any more room. Unfortunately because Highways specified this condition in our Planning Condition, there is no room for negotiation. It became clear that the condition should not have been included as it was far too specific and not critical.

Common sense prevailed and we were advised, off the record, that the variation would be approved. However, due process was required and we had to apply for a variation in our planning application, which essentially meant another planning application – another set of forms – another planning fee.

All the neighbours received a letter from the council,
All those who commented on the original application received a letter (we had overwhelming support in 2014)
The Whitchurch Town Council had to be informed and the matter debated in the Town Hall

Needless to say, no one objected.

We couldn’t stop work so we haven’t actually lost any time. But it does seem a little over the top….all for less than 2 feet.

Today we received our official Notice of Approval with this variation included, we think this is the last one.

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