Roof Roof

The main Chapel roof is on, and in only one day! How you ask? By using Nulok roofing system!


Firstly Nulok battens are fixed to the rafters in the conventional way, replacing traditional timber battens.


Then specially designed Link Channels are snap fitted to the battens to form an interlocking grid system.


And finally our slates are slotted into place and held by stainless steel clips, so no chance of nail rot either.

As easy as that.

Whats great about the Nulok roofing system is that gone are the days where you have to replace the entire column of tiles if one breaks. Now you simply remove the broken slate and replace it with a new one. Saving time, energy and money!

And because the overlap is smaller, Nulok roofs are typically 30% lighter than a conventional system.


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