Did you notice?

Happy new year everyone! We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas break, we know we certainly did. Have you noticed the new windows?


In the last few days prior to the Christmas break the guys worked tirelessly to lift these massive windows into place. The side windows went in first as these were lighter and therefore easier to manage. Once they were installed it was time to lift in the front windows – this proved to be a little bit more challenging. Check out the video below.

3fD Chapel Installing Window from 3form Design on Vimeo.

So what’s special about these windows?

One of the major factors that had to be considered when choosing windows was their level of insulation. As these are such large windows they would easily let out a lot of the heat if they weren’t properly insulated.

The other important aspect of these particular windows is that they are a composite of aluminium and wood. This meant that we were able to match the interior materials as well as the exterior by having different finishes on each side of the frame.


The windows are supplied by Rationel (http://www.rationel.co.uk), who focus on using sustainable materials – another great advantage that makes these ideal for the chapel.


More to come…

More windows are being delivered soon – some of which might be even more tricky to install. So fingers crossed, it will all go to plan!

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