A guided tour

From outside the chapel there have been many visible changes. If you have passed by the building regularly over the last year you will have seen it evolving and may have wondered what was actually going on – so we thought we would take you on a tour allowing you to step inside the front door and see for yourself.

The Tour

The lower floor has been taking shape this week with the stud walls now built for the meeting room, private offices, fitness room, kitchenette, washrooms, engineering lab and workshop. There will be a lot of glass panelling fitted throughout this floor allowing natural light to easily pass through the building.

On the upper floor there is a large open space for the main studio and two private offices. Towards the back there is a fully functional kitchen. Once through the rear door of the main studio you arrive in the hallway where the server and printing facilities will be situated and where two further washrooms can be found. On your left from this point is the smaller studio with the large triangular window.

From the hallway, stairs will take you down to the engineering lab and workshop allowing designers and engineers to move quickly between the studios and R&D areas.


Unlike many buildings we are looking to use shadow-lining instead of traditional skirting. Skirting boards act as a cover for the weak, and often unattractive, joins between the walls and the floor. Shadow-lining is a much more contemporary technique that is very popular in Australia and parts of Scandinavia. Instead of covering joins they are emphasized with a small gap that gives a very clean look.

This requires a lot of precision when assembling the walls which is why lasers are being used to mark were the joins should be. The lasers scan around the entire room allowing the guys to create straight and consistent edges along all of the walls.

A Visit From  Hampshire Life

Hampshire Life have shown great interest in the build and as such have decided to feature us soon in the magazine. With the build progressing as well as it is we thought we would bring them in to have a quick look at what’s happening inside. (Visit their website at http://www.hampshire-life.co.uk/)


So keep an eye out for the article!

Buzzing Circuits

The electricians (Wiltshire and Willey http://www.wiltshireandwilley.co.uk) have been busy installing all of the necessary wiring for the build allowing for the high demand that this facility will have. Due to the way the interior is designed much of the wiring will be easily accessible, although hidden, allowing for additional circuits to be created if needed. This is all part of an attempt to future-proof the building as far as possible.


Let there be light

This week Phil, Ian, George, Dean and Will all worked tirelessly to put the windows in which are allowing much more light into the building. The front windows were especially difficult and there will be a video coming shortly showing the process – so keep an eye out!

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