What is happening with the stained glass window?

Almost everyone who has taken interest in the build has asked the same question: What are you doing about the stained glass window? Until now we have been unable to fully answer that question but after much debate and head scratching we can.


The new design for the stained glass window.
The old window is in very poor condition.

The old stained glass window is in very poor condition and as such nothing can be recovered from it, however, the essence of it shall live on. The design that has been developed is very contemporary with large sections of bold colour. Within the design are elements of the old window giving an extra layer of depth.

All of this was designed in-house by Austen (Architect and Senior Partner of 3form Design) using the same CAD software that is used by our team for product design. This allowed Austen to get a very accurate depiction of the window and visualise the final look.

More windows…

In keeping with the window theme, the large window at the rear of building has been installed which has made a massive difference to the back studio. This allows loads of light in throughout the day and from the outside looks rather impressive!



The corner window on the opposite side of the building has also been installed by the brilliant team from HH Aluminum (www.hhali.co.uk) who manufacture these themselves. These guys have been extremely helpful making sure we had exactly the frame we were envisaging, despite some of the complications with it being on a corner.


This window will provide natural light for the private office on the upper floor.


With this being a corner window, the frame had to built in a different way compared to the others in the building. The structure is primarily made from aluminium as opposed to wood and the panels of glass had to be installed after the frame was fitted.

The wiring continues

Our awesome electricians are continuing to wire up the building – no small job. Hopefully this week the electrics will be fitted to the large workshop doors and some audio cables installed for our (yet to be designed) sound system.


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  1. Jaqueta says:

    Stained glass window looks great!


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