We’re going to build a wall … a living wall.

Planning the interior is definitely one of the hardest processes that we have been faced with over the course of this project. Trying to anticipate how all of the space will be used while keeping it future-proof and on budget is not an easy task. Our team are working extremely fast and therefore decisions are being made at an incredible rate. The type of flooring, the locations for plug sockets, layout of the desks and positions for all of the appliances and electrical products all have to be thought through.

The living wall!

One of the biggest decisions that has been made recently was to turn the back wall of the main studio into a massive “living wall”. We do not plan on installing this immediately but in anticipation we are laying down the framework. This is an exciting prospect for us as we feel it will be an outstanding feature that everyone will notice. Have a look at some of these examples that inspired us…

It is reported that having any type of plant in a workplace can have very positive effects on the people working there. With living walls there are even more benefits as their presence is so dominant. They also improve the quality of insulation and can give large rooms much better acoustics by preventing echoes and levels of background noise.

If things get heated

All of our sprinkler systems (there are a lot!) have been installed over the past couple of weeks along with the alarms that together probably make this place one of the most fire-proof buildings around. If there were to be a fire anywhere in this building you would be more likely to drown than burn.


Ian’s Contraption

In order to make sure the dehumidifiers are doing their job properly we had to make sure that the atmosphere inside the chapel remained regulated. With the recent foggy weather the air outside has been damp meaning that the dehumidifiers were extracting water from the air instead of the dampness from the concrete. Therefore, keeping the door closed was a priority.


Ian came up with a brilliant contraption that meant that the door would close automatically by using a pulley system and a counter weight. When the door is opened the weight is pulled upwards and when released the weight then drops back down pulling the door shut. Wallace would be proud.

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