Forget wood flooring, we’re laying down grass!

This week has again been a week of making difficult decisions at an ever increasing rate. Deciding on the final look of the interior and positioning essential fittings is no easy task, especially under pressure. However, things are coming together well and this week we made a firm decision on the flooring that is going to be put into the building.

We have decided to go for grass. Yes you read that right, we are putting grass down on many of the floors and walkways throughout building.


OK so maybe not quite what you are imagining. We aren’t opting for turf, as that would obviously be ridiculous, but instead we are laying bamboo planks that look much like hard-wood flooring. Bamboo is a member of the grass family – in case you were wondering.

Bamboo is one of the most environmentally friendly materials to use at the moment as it is farmed in a sustainable way without causing harm to forests. It is also extremely durable when compared to wood and is easily repaired if damaged.


Rob, from Moso Bamboo Surfaces (, came in this week to chat to us about the different shades and styles that his company produce. Originally we had planned to have a dark wood floor, however, after much discussion the decision was made to go for lighter shade in order to contrast the brickwork and brighten the environment.

In some areas of the chapel we are going to lay down porcelain tiles in order to add contrast rather than having the same flooring running throughout. These tiles have a dark textured finish that will contrast the bamboo and other materials well while keeping a clean industrial feel. On the upper floor the space will be broken up by using the tiles where desks are situated and having the main walkway and kitchen laid with bamboo.


On the ground floor the entrance lobby, hallway and private offices will have the bamboo flooring while the meeting room and lab will have the ceramic tiles. The workshop floor is yet to be decided as this will have to be very hard wearing.

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