A busy place to be

The chapel is a very busy place to be right now with a lot of different jobs happening simultaneously. Plastering has begun, electrics continue to be fitted, fire systems are being installed and lots of work is being done in preparation for the staircase installation, lighting and flooring.

One of the most exciting moments recently has been seeing the workshop come to life thanks to our brilliant plasterers; Andy and Mark. With all of the stud walls finished in this area they have been able to make a great start. These walls are fairly large so have been quite a task to complete … now for the rest of the building.


In preparation for laying the floor we have had to make sure that the building has been dehumidified properly. This has meant running large extractors since the screed was laid in November and making sure that the atmosphere inside remains as dry as possible (a bit difficult in such foggy conditions). However, this week we will be testing the water content of the screed to ensure that it is ready for the floor to be laid. As a precaution we may have to turn the underfloor heating on slightly early at a very low temperature just to aid in removing any residual moisture.


The sprinkler systems are almost fully installed with all of the ground floor network now in place. The process of measuring and cutting the lengths of this steel piping is certainly very time consuming. Each section must be fitted at the correct height and location while remaining as discreet as possible in order to preserve the interior’s aesthetics.

While things move forward on the inside of the chapel, Phil and the team are also getting things ready for the exterior. At the front of the building on the left side there will be a new brick wall erected to provide hidden bin storage. Ground work is set to continue which will make a huge difference to the appearance of the overall structure.

Anyway before you go, take a short moment to appreciate the size of Will’s tool…


No, we don’t know what it does either!

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