MAYbe the busiest month so far


With every month that passes, we get busier and busier. May has seen so many different developments, let’s recap a few!


Every aspect of the Chapel build gets our full attention, from the garage doors to the colour of the guttering.

Water holes were emptied and filled with concrete before the beams and concrete blocks could be inserted. We can finally walk on solid ground.

The new fascias and gutters give a crisp clean look – much better than before. The original gutters were undersized for the roof, and consequently rain poured down the walls and stripped the brickwork. These larger, contemporary aluminium gutters have been sized correctly and will protect our building.

The first steels arrived for the gable end (see above) which used to be a hipped roof.

Keep a look out for another blog post with more detail as the rear section is transformed in to our new workshop.

So from Floors to Roofs, May has brought a lot of changes, before we know it it will be time to move in!

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