The Clock Will Soon Be Ticking

It is hard to keep up with the progress at the chapel right now. Things are moving along so fast that, even as this article is written, big decisions are being made rapidly here in the office. It certainly is an exciting time as we push on through the final couple of months of this project.

The second staircase has been installed at the rear of the chapel which has really helped bring this section to life. This was built and installed by the same team that installed our front staircase, Alpine ( You can read more about the design of the front stairs and see video of the installation in our previous post.


One of the major features that we have been patiently awaiting is the clock frame at the back of the main studio. During the early stages of visualising the interior, we decided that merging the clock with the side rooms would really help to tie the room together and add a point of interest to the otherwise plain back wall. This has been installed and plastered now and is looking amazing – all it needs now is the actual clock!

Unfortunately, this building was never built perfectly symmetrically, which does make things a little awkward. At the front of the chapel this is especially evident where the round window is off-centre – a complication when designing the templates for the dark grey cladding. The aluminium cladding will go from the floor behind the porch to the top of the top of the central arch. This needs to fit perfectly so getting these measurements right is extremely important. This cladding is needed in order to mask the damaged brickwork that would otherwise ruin the clean look.

We will happily admit that we are quite particular about even the smallest of details, but it is no different to the treatment we would give our clients’ products. Therefore, when we realised that we would need to run wiring up the front wall of the chapel there was a lot to be concerned about. However, our brilliant electrician Graham, from Wiltshire and Willey (, did a fantastic job of carefully cutting and aligning metal piping to house the ugly wiring in. Not many electricians would take the time to do such a great job.


There are a lot of changes taking place as we approach the end of this exciting project, so be sure to follow the rapid progress. Keep checking the blog for updates!

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