No More Concrete Carpet

The past few weeks have been tremendously busy here getting ready for the move – which has unfortunately meant that this blog has had less attention than usual. However, this does mean that we have plenty to talk about!

As mentioned in the previous post, our new stained glass window is being produced by Shelagh Davies who has informed us that she is very close to having the window ready for installation (see how the window is made here). In order to prepare for this we have removed the old window glass and had the first layer of glazing installed. This new window will be insulated, unlike the old one, which will dramatically improve the energy efficiency of the building.

All of the interior brickwork has also been cleaned up which has really improved the overall look. As well as this, the roof has had another coat of paint and all of the white walls have been fully painted too.

One of the most exciting moments recently has been seeing the tiles go down on the lower floor. These look absolutely amazing!


These tiles were carefully chosen from Bedrock ( who specialise in creating tiles that are high in quality,  innovative and sustainable. As with all of our designs we wanted to create something that would be durable and appropriate, but still add the all important “wow” factor.

So far most of the lower floor has been covered, with only the design lab and rear hallway to do. On the upper floor there will be a mixture of tiles and bamboo flooring (read more about that here).

On the outside of the building there has been a lot of progress with the groundwork. Now that most of the heavy work has been completed on the inside of the chapel the exterior can have a little more attention. Tarmac will be laid seamlessly in order to make the walkway around the building feel more spacious and lighting will be embedded to gently illuminate some of the exterior walls.

There is plenty more happening inside and out so keep checking the blog for updates!


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