Have You Seen the New Window?

Unfortunately it has again been a while since we last managed to write a blog post, but here we are at last with an update on the progress. Lots has happened, as you can probably guess, and we are all here waiting eagerly for the move in date to be officially decided.


One thing that you may have noticed if you passed by the building recently is that the brand new stained glass window has finally been installed!

We are really pleased with this and can’t stop popping in to have another look. During the latter part of the day as the sun moves around the building the window really comes to life throwing vibrant beams of colour across the studio.

If you haven’t seen it already then do check out this video of Shelagh Davies (http://www.stainedglasswork.co.uk/) making the video at here studio in the New Forest.

Although the team has not managed to make it in yet we have begun the process of moving equipment over. It is a great feeling to finally be at this stage.

3D FDM Machine
The 3D printer is on site

Upstairs the bamboo flooring (read more about this here) has been laid in the rear studio and the rest is set to be installed this coming week. Thankfully this has allowed us to bring in one of the most important pieces of equipment – table tennis!

The important stuff

Hopefully soon we will manage to haul the pool table upstairs too.

Phil, Ian and George have been busy over the past few weeks building storage units in the workshop and installing the shadow-lined skirting board. The shadow-lined skirting is very different to traditional boards as it doesn’t attach directly to the edge of plaster. The benefit of this is that there will never be any ugly cracking as the plaster dries out. Check out this other blog post here to find out more about shadow-lining.


While all of this is going on the tilers continue to do their great work laying tiles in the washrooms and finishing the flooring downstairs. Having this floor laid has certainly made a huge difference to the building and we think these large tiles look absolutely fantastic, especially in the washrooms.


At the moment Rob and his team at ECM Joinery (http://www.ecmjoineryltd.co.uk) are doing a fantastic job building the large wooden front door. The hope is that, by installing a door of this size, the entrance will be more in proportion to the rest of the building than it was previously.

As you can see from the images the door is painted a dark grey to match the windows and soffit boards.

Everything is really coming together now with big changes are happening at an ever increasing rate so keep checking the blog for updates!

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  1. Jaqueta says:

    It all looks amazing and the window is stunning!


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