Building Desks and Moving to the Main Studio

It has been a while since anything was posted on here but in case you haven’t heard 3form Design has officially moved into the chapel!

Ian and George are still here carrying out work on the building. Outside things are looking much the same as they have the past few weeks but inside everything is really coming together…


Inside, the front lobby is really starting to take shape. The bamboo upright slats on the left wall went up the other day, with a lot of care taken to ensure they were all equally spaced apart.


Recently we built our own custom desks for the main studio. The aim with the design was to create simple yet elegant feeling desks with as few legs and obstructions as possible. Everything was designed in house using our CAD system with simulations to stress test before production. As with all of our designs our focus here was to create something that was not excessive in its use of material while still offering the strength and resilience required to cope with day-to-day usage.

Stress testing the beam construction for the large desks using a simulation system.

Alpine, who also produced our stairs, then created the steel frames for us to assemble here on site. For desks this size it certainly wasn’t a one man job.

Since then we have moved ourselves into the main studio and are thoroughly enjoying this new space…


Keep an eye out for more on the blog. We are hoping to create a quick video walk around for those that are interested.

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