A level playing field

It has been a very busy month at the chapel and the pace is continuing to quicken as we approach the end of the year.

Last week saw the screed go down on the upper and lower floors which was an unusually rapid process. The screed mix that we opted for was MPA Liquid Screed (www.mpaliquidscreed.co.uk) which, unlike conventional screed, sets at an extremely fast rate and is completely self levelling!



Preparation for this was the key to success, so the guys worked tirelessly last week to ensure that everything was watertight in order to prevent screed seeping through the floors and pouring down the walls or beams. Luckily their efforts paid off and now we have a beautifully level floor.

Currently the building is full of industrial-grade extractor fans whirring away in a battle to remove the moisture as it rises from the screed. If we don’t manage to dry it fast enough then the entire interior will quickly become saturated leaving Phil, Ian and the guys with a dripping mess.



Until the floor is fully set no one can enter the chapel.

If you have passed by the chapel recently you may have noticed the new doors that have been installed at the rear entrance to the workshop. These doors, built by Armasheild (www.armashieldsecurity.com), are fully insulated and extremely resistant to weather and wind damage.

It took a large team to hang the doors as the size of them meant that any wind would easily cause them to ‘sail’. Luckily the weather was friendly that day and after several hours of adjustments they were ready for use.


Eventually the doors will be fully automatic with a large electric motor powering the system, but until then the guys on site will have to put up with hauling these open and closed.

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